The Art of Planning a Spontaneous Vacation - Ryan Anthony

Planning a vacation can be both super exciting as well as overwhelming. Planning a spontaneous trip is even harder.

This summer, with only a few days notice, my partner and I scoured the internet looking for the cheapest flights, leaving Toronto, to places we were interested in. We had to decided on a location first, then start planning the logistics behind that. We had to book flights, reserve a potential car rental, accommodation, and figure out some sort of itinerary.

Things to think about when planning a spontaneous vacation

- where are you going?

               - you have to consider the weather. What will you pack? What do you have to bring? are you planning to camp? Airbnb? hotel? couchsurf? sleep in your car?

- what will you do?

               - look up some major attractions that you are interested in

               - are you going to hike? where will you hike? National/Provincial/State parks. Look for recent updates on what trails are accessible in the area.

- Look for places to eat.

               - if you're camping, what food will you bring and how much.

- do you need a car rental? if so, plan for gasoline expenses into your budget

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