My First Season in Whistler, BC - Ryan Anthony

In the summer of 2018, I applied for a photography position in Whistler, BC. I have been wanting to do a season in the mountains for the longest time, and I finally went for it. I accepted a position working full-time as a photographer in Whistler, with one contingency...I had to find a place to live. If anyone has tried to live in Whistler, they understand the struggle it is to find affordable housing.

Finding a place to live was a long and quite annoying process, but everything worked out in the end. I was able to find a place to live a week prior to the start of my work contract. With this position came a season lift pass to Whistler/Blackcomb resort. My first few weeks, I took it pretty slow on my snowboard. It would have been the first time I would be riding since I got my hip replaced last January (2019). With each run I took, I began to get more and more comfortable on my board again, and learned to trust my hips again.

Photos taken by (from top tp bottom)

Anna Dziczkaniece

Helen Burt

Eddie Muscroft

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